Shop Dine East Harlem 2019 Kick Off

Is it just us or did these past couple weeks zoom by? Fall took its sweet time to join us, and we’re just realizing the holidays are already around the corner! We know someone out there is saying, “Slow down, please!” We’re actually enjoying the pace because it means we get to keep moving with our fall and winter events we have in store for you.

Our Shop and Dine event is our Holiday kick-off for the winter season. As with most of what we do, we want to keep the focus on the local East Harlem economy and strengthen the relationship between the patrons and merchants in the community. This will be our 2nd annual Shop and Dine campaign, and we’re excited to invite you to this year’s gatherings.

At our first event, the Holiday kick-off, we will distribute the 2019 Shop and Dine Guide which includes deals and information about where to shop and dine this holiday season and information about upcoming events. You’ll have a great selection of events to attend, from our Holiday Pop-up happening in December, more workshops coming before the New Year, one more Cash Mob, and a few other events you can find out about in the Shop and Dine Guide.

It’s happening at Santiago’s Beer Garden on November 14th and it’s from 5:30 to 7:30pm. We love to see familiar faces and we look forward to seeing yours. It’s free to all, and it’s for the community so please RSVP here and share with a friend!

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