Merchant Organizing

The success of the Working Together campaign is founded heavily on the engagement, empowerment and organizing of East Harlem small businesses.

In order to ensure that the benefits of economic development are felt and driven by merchants in the community, the Working Together campaign supports organizing merchants on the East 116th Street and East 125th Street corridor.

Mission of East Harlem Community Alliance

The Alliance undertakes joint projects and activities designed to strengthen the economic base of East Harlem through improving the community’s knowledge about and access to local products and services. The Alliance also serves as a forum through which member organizations can connect with one another, share information, and expand their involvement in the East Harlem community.

Mission of 116th Street Merchants Association

The 116th Street Merchant Association seeks to unify and organize the merchants of East 116th Street. Currently we have 14 merchants engaged in the association.

The 116th Street Merchant Association wants you to join us and support our efforts in small business preservation and commercial district revitalization! Check out previous events lead by the 116th Street merchants including the Cinco de Mayo Festival and Mexican Independence Day Festival.

Join us! Contact the Working Together team for assistance and meeting times.

Mission of Uptown Grand Central on East 125th Street

Uptown Grand Central is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming East 125th Street into a thriving corridor by delivering programs that put advocacy into action through collaborations with businesses, residents and neighborhood organizations across East Harlem.

Join us! Contact Uptown Grand Central for assistance and meeting times.


Are you a property owner? Interested in participating in our commercial district revitalization efforts? Contact our team to engage with Working Together.

For current East Harlem merchants, check out our East Harlem Resources and District News page to learn about what’s happening in the district and to be updated on resources available to small businesses throughout New York City.

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