Keyword Research Workshop March 2019

Keyword Research Workshop Day 1

This Free 2 Day workshop will teach you how to conduct keyword research for your digital marketing campaigns. The instructor will use industry leading tools and free tools available online throughout the course, leveraging students’ current businesses or prospective businesses as examples on how to perform keyword research and analyze the reports.

The course will be taught over 2 days for two hours each day and is free of charge.

Students will be taught how to apply keyword research to their websites, social media campaigns, and paid advertising campaigns applicable on Google, Instagram, and Facebook.

At the conclusion of the keyword research workshop we will provide the students with a report (worth over $2000) customized to your business/ industry that will assist you with your digital marketing campaigns (applicable to your website, email marketing, & social media).

The course will be 60 minutes of lecture with 60 minutes of Q&A.

Who is this course for?

A business owner interested in learning how to market their business online, leveraging quantifiable data that their customers use every day to find the products and services.

Customers / clients/ users naturally use terms to find information on search engines like Google and Social media platforms. Learning how to capture this data is critical to anyone looking to attract new clients online.

Expected Outcome:

1. Student will have a basic understanding of how to conduct keyword research and how to apply the terms to their own digital marketing campaigns.

2. Student will be able to identify areas on their own websites and social media platforms that can be optimized.

3. Students will also be ready to launch a digital marketing campaign for their business on their own or possess the knowledge to conduct a search for a consultant or full-time employee to manage their digital assets.

This course is Free and open to all business owners or prospective business owners in East Harlem.

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  • Location : 205 East 122nd Street Rm 209 NY, NY 10035
  • Venue Name : Union Settlement Business Development Center

Event Details

  • Date : 03/19/2019
  • Time : 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
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