How to build a Website Course March 2019

How to Build A Website Day 1

This Free 2 Day workshop will teach you how to build a website on the Squarespace platform, many of the concept will also apply to WordPress, Wix, Weebly and other content management platforms.

The course will be taught over 2 days for two hours each day and is free of charge.

Students will be taught how to build a website and specifically how a site can be optimized applying the digital marketing best practices.

The entire class will watch as the instructor builds a website and applies the digital marketing optimization methods.

The course will be 60 minutes of lecture with 60 minutes of Q&A.

Who is this course for?

A business owner interested in learning about marketing their business online and may not have a website yet. It is also for a business owner already operating a website and looking to expand their market to an audience who is searching for their goods or services online.

Expected Outcome:

  1. Student will have a basic understanding of building a website using Squarespace and how to apply digital marketing concepts to a website.
  2. Student will be able to identify areas on their own website of where they can optimize it for themselves or use the same Squarespace platform to build a new website for their business.
  3. Students will also be ready to launch a digital marketing campaign for their business on their own or possess the knowledge to conduct a search for a consultant or full-time employee to manage their digital assets.


This course is Free and open to all business owners or prospective business owners in East Harlem.

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  • Location : 205 East 122nd Street Rm 209 NY, NY 10035
  • Venue Name : Union Settlement Business Development Center

Event Details

  • Date : 03/12/2019
  • Time : 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
  • Phone :
  • Website : RSVP on Eventbrite