Cleaning & Beautification

The Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA) conducted by the Working Together Team through the Neighborhood 360 program in 2017 found that small businesses and community stakeholders identified a need for beautification and maintenance efforts to be enhanced in the East Harlem corridor. For that reason, the Working Together campaign has invested in quality of life improvements that include:

Street Cleaning and Graffiti Reduction

Our team of maintenance workers are on the commercial corridor throughout the year ensuring timely trash pick up and litter removal. They are responsible for regular sweeping of common areas and curbs. Our East Harlem N360 team has been fundamental in improving the health and overall walkability of storefronts and sidewalks. An impact survey conducted in May 2018, reported that 80% of merchants along 116th Street, between Second and Third Avenue, recognized having now cleaner, and better maintained streets since the implementation of Street Plus services.

100 Gates Storefront Improvement Initiative

In partnership with the 100 Gates Project, the Working Together campaign facilitated and supported the painting of storefront gates throughout the East Harlem commercial corridor, with a specific focus on East 116th Street and East 125th Street. These gates have proved fundamental in improving the walkability and safety of the corridor, while celebrating local artists within East Harlem.

Youth Action Youth Build

The Youth Action YouthBuild (YAYB) construction skills training program integrates leadership development, education and vocational skills training into a combined service approach that prepares low income, out-of-school, out-of-work young people aged 17-24 from East Harlem and surrounding neighborhoods to take advantage of existing economic opportunities, forge new ones, and further their education.

The Working Together campaign has worked extensively in partnership with YAYB to conduct tree planter repairs along the East 116th Street.

Cleaning & Beautification Strategy

In FY19, we will continue our affiliations with Street Plus and with Youth Action YouthBuild.

With the continuous support of the merchants, we plan to renovate the 28 planters (between Second and First Avenues), for a 53% completion rate of the entire 116th Street Corridor. There are 129 planters along the entire 116th Street Corridor.

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