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Under an initiative to promote economic development at certain pre-selected neighborhoods in New York City, the Department of Small Business Services launched, in 2017, the Neighborhood 360 Program, through designated Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

Who We Are

The Neighborhood 360° program was created by the NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) to identify, develop and launch commercial revitalization projects in partnership with local stakeholders. Through proactive planning and targeted investments, Neighborhood 360° supports projects that strengthen and revitalize the streets, small businesses, and community-based organizations that anchor New York City neighborhoods.

In 2016, Union Settlement Association, in partnership with Hope Community Inc. and Uptown Grand Central (formally New Harlem East Merchants Association) conducted a Commercial District Needs Assessment (CDNA), funded by SBS through the Neighborhood 360° program. The CDNA highlights a neighborhood’s existing business landscape and consumer characteristics. The East Harlem CDNA can be accessed and downloaded here. This CDNA features the 125th Street, 116th Street, 110th Street, 106th Street, Lexington Avenue, 3rd Avenue and 1st Avenue commercial corridors in East Harlem. It was completed between January and June 2016 and East Harlem Neighborhood 360° was born!

The East Harlem CDNA can be accessed and downloaded here.

east harlem working together 116th street

About the Program

Key issues and opportunities identified through the CDNA continue to help prioritize SBS-supported, local investments and serves as an informational and marketing resource for the neighborhood. Union Settlement Association was awarded $1.49 million in 2016 by SBS to support projects that strengthen and revitalize the streets, small businesses, and community-based organizations that anchor East Harlem over three years. East Harlem Neighborhood 360° partners directly with merchants and other community stakeholders, supporting commercial district revitalization through the following components:

District Marketing: programming that attracts attention and increases foot traffic to the commercial district. -Learn More-

Placemaking (Business Promotion): programming that supports sales increase for East Harlem small business owners; improving overall “sense of place” for customers. -Learn More-

Coordination: supporting work of partner organizations and other stakeholders (business owners, landlords, elected officials, non-profits) working on improving the quality of life, economic equity and prosperity of East Harlem. -Learn More-

Merchant Organizing: assisting in the coordination and organizing of small business owners in East Harlem, working together for the benefit of the district by supporting networking, marketing and beautification efforts.
-Learn More-

Business Support & Retention: providing educational programming that improves the overall health of East Harlem small businesses while supporting new entrepreneurs in the community. -Learn More-

Cleaning & Beautification: improving the health and beauty of the corridor by supporting outreach programs and capital improvements, including the installation of tree guards and providing daily sanitation services throughout the commercial corridor. -Learn More-

All of the components above collectively assist in improving vital commercial corridors of East Harlem, ensuring our merchants remain in the community, increase profits and grow their businesses.

Since July 2018, East Harlem 360° has now become “Working Together,” under an initiative to develop a new image for the district. Look for our branded logo.

east harlem working together 125th street

FY 2019 Objectives

1. Provide much-needed, business administration skills to merchants, so they can better compete with competitors (such as franchises and/or chain stores) within the district. Such skills are: business management, tax management, accounting principles and marketing and digital advertisements.

2. Improve customer service skills among East Harlem business owners to maximize the customer experience and promote recurring sales and patrons.

3. Encourage visitors to the East Harlem district while still supporting long term residents and business owners by providing programs that celebrate the culture, vitality and community of East Harlem.

4. Educate merchants on methods to increase foot traffic in the commercial district and improve overall revenue through 1:1 business support as well as merchant organizing efforts.

east harlem working together 106th street

About Neighborhood 360°

Neighborhood 360° is a program made possible by the New York City Department of Small Business Services. For more on N360 click here.

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