Practice Manager

Center for Urban Community Services

For over 25 years, Janian Medical Care (previously as the Project for Psychiatric Outreach to the Homeless) has been providing clinical care to homeless and formerly homeless New Yorkers in supportive housing, shelters and with street outreach teams. Janian is widely recognized as a leader in the delivery and development of on-site clinical service.

The Primary Care Practice Manager is responsible for ensuring effective practice and financial operations of Janian’s Primary Care Program. The Practice Manager also supports the program’s planning, development and evaluation activities. This is a full-time position and reports to Janian’s Deputy Chief Program Officer. The Practice Manager engages in the following activities to fulfill this role:

On-Site Clinical Operations
1. Helps develop and implement policies and procedures that support efficient, high quality, patient-centered services.
2. Collaborates with the Director of Primary Care to ensure primary care operations comply with all relevant laws, regulations and standards of care.
3. Collaborates with the Director of Primary Care and other agency leadership to ensure that on-site primary care is effectively integrated with on-site social service and psychiatry operations.

Financial and Front Office Operations
1. Helps develop, implement and monitor front office policies and procedures that ensure that management of protected health information complies with all relevant laws and regulations including the HIPAA Privacy Rule.
2. Helps develop and implement policies and procedures that support effective billing practices.
3. Helps develop and implement front office policies and procedures to support achievement of funder goals and outcomes.
4. In collaboration with Janian and CUCS leadership helps develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance with insurance plan rules including regarding areas of coverage, service eligibility, referrals, and prior authorizations.
5. Participates in meetings, workgroups, and other program evaluation and quality assurance efforts to ensure front office operations support program objectives.

Medical Suite Functioning
1. Ensures that medical suites have appropriate equipment and ensures medical equipment is maintained adequately.
2. Ensures that medical suites are adequately and appropriately supplied.
3. Ensures that medical suites are adequately maintained.
4. Ensures that all IT needs are met including that medical suites have:
a. Adequate internet access
b. Adequate work stations
c. Appropriate peripherals (scanners, printers, etc.)
d. Adequate phones
5. Ensures medical suites and medical suite operations are compliant with OSHA and CLIA regulations.
6. Acts as primary liaison to LabCorp

Program Planning Development and Evaluation
1. Conducts program evaluation activities and presents the results of those evaluations in a form suitable for use in program redesign, performance management, and quality improvement activities.
2. Helps develop and monitor performance indicators that support efficient, high quality, patient-centered services.
3. Effectively participates in and supports program work groups dedicated to planning, program development, continuous quality improvement, and other projects as assigned.
4. Helps program, managerial, and technical staff to develop, implement, and utilize mechanisms for data collection and reporting.
5. Proactively identifies potential problems affecting program services, and participates as appropriate in developing and carrying out solutions

1. Masters degree in Social Work, Public Health, Public Policy, Public Administration or related field (e.g., MSW, MPH, MPA), or a nurse (LPN, RN) or other healthcare professional.
2. At least one year of relevant supervisory, administrative or managerial experience.
3. Experience working with electronic medical records.
4. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.
5. Good communication and collaboration skills.
6. Commitment to servant leadership principles and person-centered practices.